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Workplace hygiene is paying off!

The Austrian enterprise “Urtel Diamantwerkzeuge Gmbh” produces diamond tools, parts thereof or use-ready tools by the means of sintering. A necessary part of the process…

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European Lung Foundation- Quiz

Setting and problem The European Lung Foundation (ELF) was founded by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) in 2000 with the aim of bringing together patients,…

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, Brilliant ideas

Brilliant ideas’ pole drilling and filling system

Setting and problem Marking, drilling and filling holes in ceilings causes many occupational safety hazards for construction workers. It causes a repetitive strain on the…

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United Kingdom
Manufacturing, Other service activities
Wim van Veelen

A cancer free work environment

Intro/setting and problem In April 2016 the FNV (Dutch Federal Trade Union) has started a project called “Carcinogenic Substances”, in order to tackle the risks…

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the Netherlands
Sibelco, Sibelco

Sibelco Real Time Dust Monitoring

Intro/Setting/Problem Sibelco has been carrying out dust exposure monitoring for many years, both to ensure compliance with national Workplace Exposure Limits and as part of…

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