Overview of Good Practices

Good Practices

Lars Brogaard, The United Federation of Danish Workers (3F)

Air pollution in Copenhagen Airport

Goal The goal of this solution was to minimize air pollution for workers at Copenhagen airport in Denmark. Target population and setting The target population…

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Transportation and storage, Accommodation and food service activities
Henrik von Hofsten, Magnus Lindberg, Skogforsk

The use of pesticides in the Swedish Forestry sector

The goal of this solution was to find a non-chemical protection against insects that is acceptable economically as well as environmentally by all stakeholders involved…

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Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Katrin Arthaber, Austrian Labour Inspectorate

Austrian campaign on carcinogens

To monitor the implementation of rules on carcinogens and to strengthen the knowledge about the risks of these chemical agents, Austrian’s labour inspectorate will conduct…

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