Substitution of hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives is at the top of the hierarchy of measures to prevent chemical risks at work, including the prevention of occupational cancers.

Substitution is also a driver for innovation and a transition to chemicals that are safer for human health and the environment.

Within Challenge 2.1 on ‘Substitution strategies’, the Roadmap will aim to collect and disseminate information on successful substitutions, to link with experts on substitution, and help understand how frontrunner companies have substituted substances of concern from their supply chain and developed opportunities for innovation. The challenge will also reach out to the administrators of the main databases on substitution to explore the best ways of getting substitution solutions to the workplaces.

At this page we will publish the (intermediary) results. So please get back regularly.

Databases with safer alternatives and support

  • ECHA’s substitution section
    Companies in the EU are increasingly substituting away from hazardous chemicals and manufacturing processes to safer chemicals and greener technologies. This can bring substantial benefits to the companies, the environment and the health of workers and consumers. It can also have a significant positive impact on the implementation of a circular economy.
  • SubsportPlus
    The Substitution Support Portal (SUBSPORTplus) is a portal for anyone interested in substituting hazardous chemicals. Companies wanting to fulfill substitution requirements within EU legislation can find support in the portal, as well as stakeholders such as authorities, environmental and consumer organizations, and scientific institutions. The portal has a growing Case Story Database (> 400) that provides substitution examples as well as information on alternative substances and technologies from enterprises, published reports and other sources. It compiles case studies as inspiration for substitution solutions and further sources for up-to-date research studies on alternatives.
  • Chemsec’s Market Place
    Find safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals. Marketplace gathers all green chemistry innovations in one place, making it easier for companies to choose safer solutions. Search advertisements of safer alternatives and connect with suppliers.

More information on the substitution principle

  • EU-OSHA’s info sheet on substitution
    This info sheet outlines a range of fundamental principles, practical hints, best practices, risk assessment tools and methods, and useful links to guide you through the stepwise process of substitution of dangerous substances in the workplace.

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