Toolboxes for working with dust – CUMELA

CUMELA Netherlands is a branch organization for entrepreneurs working in the agricultural or infrastructural sector. In cooperation with the Dutch Lung Alliance (LAN) and the Ministry of Social Affairs, they have developed toolboxes concerning working with dust and share these toolboxes with their members.

Setting and problem

Employees and employers working in the agricultural or infrastructural branch come across dust in the workplace at a daily basis. Often dust in these sectors contains harmful  (e.g. endotoxins) and sometimes also carcinogenic (e.g. quartz dust) particles.


CUMELA has developed toolboxes about working with dust. These toolboxes inform employers and employees about the risks concerned in working with dust. It also is a tool for employers to use when speaking to their employees about this subject.


There are no measurable results yet. But, in the long term, education will lead to prevention of lung diseases.

Further information

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The Netherlands
  • Dust
  • Silica and quartz dust
Sector / branche
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Solution types
  • 3. O – Organizational measurements