Workshop ‘Perspectives on Substitution of Chromic(VI)-oxide – Do the alternatives work and are they affordable?

This workshop will be in German.


Workshop “Perspectives on Substitution of Chromium(VI)-Compounds- Do the Alternatives work and are they affordable?”

BAuA hosts a workshop on 14th January 2019 on perspectives on substitution of chromium(VI)-compounds. In view of the past “wave” of applications for authorisation under REACH, the question of availability and suitability of alternatives for chromium(VI) in hard, functional and decorative chromium plating is coming more into focus. The aim of the event is to bring together all actors involved in the value chain.

Representatives from industry and European regulation are invited to present their cases and views on alternatives for chromium(VI). The workshop is structured in:

  • The general framework of substitution in the EU and Germany
  • Alternative Substances for hexavalent chromium
  • Alternative Technologies for hexavalent chromium

A closing discussion give all participants the possibility to bring in their view on the assessment and use of alternatives.

Poster Sessions in breaks accompanied the workshop. Additionally, funding opportunities will be explained for the development of alternatives in Germany and EU.

Programm – Substitution Cr(IV) – Dortmund 14-01-2019 (PDF, in German)

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Event date
January 14, 2019
Event type
  • Workshop
Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)
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