Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan: a new EU approach to prevention, treatment and care

On 3 February the European Commission published Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. With new technologies, research and innovation as the starting point, the Cancer Plan sets out a new EU approach to cancer prevention, treatment and care.

Prevention, also in the workplace

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan will tackle the entire disease pathway, from prevention to quality of life of cancer patients and survivors, focusing on actions where the EU can add the most value. The plan will be supported by actions spanning across policy areas from employment, education, social policy and equality, through marketing, agriculture, energy, the environment and climate, to transport, cohesion policy, and taxation. The plan is structured around four key action areas, including prevention. This includes exposure to carcinogenic substances at work.

Carcinogenic substances in the workplace

Clearly, carcinogens are dangerous in many ways. Carcinogen exposure threatens workers’ health and life, but also their participation in work and productivity levels, with adverse effects for companies and employers. Therefore, occupational exposure to carcinogens needs to be prevented or reduced. If appropriate measures are taken at workplace, the burden of cancers could be significantly reduced.

Knowledge is key! There are several forms of carcinogens, for example chemical carcinogens, such as certain types of pesticides and industrial paint. Check the factsheets for details about different carcinogens. They are available in many European languages.

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