Two interesting events coming up in Belgium and Austria!

The roadmap on carcinogens website is now sharing information on two interesting events which are coming up in the next few months. The first event is the Austrian campaign on carcinogens – taking place from June 2017 onwards. The Austrian government recognizes the importance of carcinogen awareness and exposure prevention. Therefore, they are conducting a large-scale sweep across 300 enterprises across the nation in 2017 and aim to include even more companies in 2018. Part of this inspection campaign is to explore behavioral change regarding the handling of carcinogen substances, to answer questions and provide counselling on occupational safety. Find out more here

The second event is a colloquium meeting in Brussels on May 30th of 2017. The meeting is dedicated to the prevention of risks of exposure to carcinogens in the workplace. Topics like the European chemical legislation and practical tools for workplace prevention are being discussed. Also, inspiring good practices regarding carcinogen prevention are presented. Follow this link for more information

Last but not least: on the roadmap on carcinogens website, information about future events can be found and shared. So make sure to share interesting events you are aware of, to the benefit of your (international) colleagues!

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