The Roadmap’s presence at the 37th A+A International Trade Fair

At the 37th A+A International Trade Fair for Safety, Security and Health at Work the Congress for Occupational Safety and Health welcomed about 1500 participants. For friends and partners of the Roadmap, events like the A+A are the perfect opportunity to promote the aims of and tools provided by the Roadmap to a national or even international audience.

Some highlights from the congress

The A+A Fair was held October 26-29 in Düsseldorf, Germany with 1,204 exhibitors from 56 nations and more than 25,000 trade visitors. Within the context of the ongoing pandemic, the thematic focus of the congress was also set on exposure to carcinogens and how to support prevention of occupational cancer in Germany and the EU. This setting allowed the partners from Germany and EU-OSHA to prominently present the Roadmap to a very broad audience as the sessions organised by both partners were translated as well.

The morning session organised for the working programme on Carcinogens (KEGS) from the Joint German OSH Strategy (GDA) successfully established a direct link between their working programme scheduled from 2021-2025 and the Roadmap on Carcinogens from 2020-2024.

A core element – the Hazardous Substance Check – was the basis for Challenge 3.2 within the Roadmap and the progress of this project was introduced in the afternoon session organised by EU-OSHA that focussed on guidance for labour inspectors, enterprises and workers (in the framework of Challenge 4.3). and the challenges of implementing one of the basic measures for prevention, the closed system, when using carcinogens at workplaces. 

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