Challenge 4.2: Process-generated carcinogens

Process generated carcinogens occur as a by-product of a work process. These need extra attention because of they won’t have labels and there may not be any reference to them in Safety Data Sheets . A large proportion of workers in the EU are potentially exposed to process-generated contaminants, in particular to RCS and diesel exhaust fumes.

The recently adopted amendments of the carcinogens directive lay down occupational limit values for carcinogens generated by work processes, e.g. diesel engine emissions, respirable crystalline silica dust, wood dust, welding fumes. These carcinogens occur frequently at various workplaces and should be prioritised in a Roadmap Strategy for the upcoming years.


Challenge Team

  • Austria (Challenge lead), Netherlands


  • Member States, Labour Inspectorates, European Commission, SLIC
  • Sectoral organisations, BusinessEurope, Workers organisations, ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation)
  • Researchers, OSH-experts

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Challenge updates

Progress report

July 28, 2021

Tools to support the employer with their risk assessment are available for example in France and Germany. Within Challenge 3.2 – Involving Occupation prevention organisations, the first activity included identifying other tools in the EU and publishing a non-exhaustive overview. After the data generation, we can conclude that the assessed tools share many commonalities and […]

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