Challenge 4.1: Bridging the gap

Innovation that is targeted to meet real workplace needs is essential to prevent exposure to carcinogens during the whole life cycle of substances or materials - this knowledge needs to be common understanding.

The often existing gap between what is needed for implementation at workplace level (i.e. substitution of carcinogens or, if this is not technically feasible, low-emission design of products and processes) and what innovation from current research provides, can be bridged by linking producers (equipment), researchers, sectors, and other relevant stakeholders and discussing collaboration and bridging solutions under the umbrella of Horizon Europe and European Green Deal.


Challenge Team

  • Challenge lead to be determined, Finland


  • COM (DG RTD)
  • European Partnership on the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals (PARC)
  • Ministries and representatives in the program committee for cluster “Digital, Industry and space” under Horizon 2020
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Challenge updates

Report on preparatory study Challenge 4.1: Bridging the gap

December 23, 2021

‘Bridging the Gap’ aims at bringing together work floor needs with innovators and researcher to better fit practical realities and at the same time sensitise innovators and researcher to how materials are used throughout the life cycle to promote their safe and sustainable design. To achieve these goals, health and safety as well as risk […]

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