Challenge 3.4: Empowering workers

Workers need to be aware of their rights and obligations in order to contribute to the employer’s risk assessment and put in place the adequate prevention measures to eliminate or reduce exposure to carcinogens.

Consultation and participation of workers in the application of all Occupational Safety & Health directives is an important provision of the OSH Framework Directive (Dir 89/391/EEC) including its daughter directive on Carcinogens & Mutagens (Dir 2004/37/EC) (CMD). A small practical guide explaining employers and workers rights and obligations under the CMD will be useful to help workers and/or their representatives understand how they can contribute to the prevention of occupational cancers in all companies (whatever their size or industrial sector) where workers are exposed to carcinogens and mutagens.


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Challenge updates

Invitation webinar ‘Cancer risks in healthcare workers’

October 5, 2022

Identification of Hazardous Medicinal Products (HMPs) In the healthcare sector, 12.7 million workers across the EU are potentially exposed to Hazardous Medicinal Products (HMPs). While these drugs are vital in the treatment of different diseases such as cancers, psoriasis, etc., they can also pose health risks to those exposed to them at work like nurses, […]

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Published: List of hazardous medical products

Workers exposed to hazardous medicinal products (HMPs), or hazardous drugs, which are carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances (CMRs) must be given specific training by their employers to prevent risks of adverse effects on their health. Healthcare sector ETUI published a list of hazardous medicinal products, including cytotoxics and based on the EU CLP classification system […]

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