Challenge 3.2: Involving occupational prevention organisations

Involving stakeholders such as occupational prevention organisations is another contributing element to support companies, by providing tools to self-assess their compliance with legal provisions and introduce adequate risk management measures.

Social insurance associations/networks and their local partners (federations, occupational services, etc.) are involved with companies and demand safe(r) handling of carcinogenic agents when insuring their clients with compensation in case of accidents or occupational diseases. They support with sector specific guidance and tools to assist companies to self-assess their compliance with legal provisions and sufficient RRM.


Challenge Team

  • Germany (Challenge lead), France


  • Member state ministries/Insurance association networks
  • Sectoral organisations (both EU and national level)
  • Employers and Workers (organisations)
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Challenge updates

Progress report

July 28, 2021

Tools to support the employer with their risk assessment are available for example in France and Germany. Within Challenge 3.2 – Involving Occupation prevention organisations, the first activity included identifying other tools in the EU and publishing a non-exhaustive overview. After the data generation, we can conclude that the assessed tools share many commonalities and […]

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