Challenge 3.1: Engaging industry and sectors

The more cross-industry and sectoral organisations can be mobilised to join the Roadmap on Carcinogens, the more businesses will benefit from the mapped and explained solutions.

The Roadmap aims at activating sectors to develop their own solutions and feed into the Roadmap, not only with initial ideas, but also with practical details on how to implement these solutions. Furthermore involving these organisations in Roadmap on Carcinogens 2.0 and find ways for collaboration and future projects.


Challenge Team

  • BusinessEurope (Challenge Leader), Roadmap on Carcinogens Management


  • Sectoral organisations (both EU and national level)
  • Indirectly their member organisations
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Challenge updates

Activating European industries and sectors in the fight against exposure to carcinogens in the workplace

April 25, 2022

Cancer is the leading cause of work-related mortality in the European Union. Identifying smart solutions and sharing good practices between businesses and organizations could make a tremendous difference in reducing workers’ exposure to carcinogens. The Roadmap on Carcinogens, established by BusinessEurope and others, encourages and helps businesses, organizations, industries and others to raise awareness and […]

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