Challenge 1.2: Education is key

True to the motto ‘You can't teach an old dog new tricks’ it is necessary to start with awareness raising activities in primary schools and integrate it better in vocational educational training.

For example, Slovenia successfully teaches children in kindergartens about the basics of chemical safety. Strategies to train young people during vocational educational training (VET) to be aware of the risks originating from carcinogenic agents and to behave accordingly need to be developed and implemented.


Challenge Team:

  • Slovenia (Challenge Lead), Belgium


  • Member States
  • Education Organisations national and European
  • (Vocational Educational Training – VET) schools
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Challenge updates

Interactive game teaches students how to handle carcinogens in the workplace

September 26, 2023

As part of challenge 1.2, the Belgian Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue launched an interactive game to familiarise students with the measures to be taken to manage the risks of carcinogens in the workplace. The game is available in English, Dutch and French. Play the game (English) (Français) (Nederlands) How to […]

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