Workplace hygiene is paying off!

The Austrian enterprise “Urtel Diamantwerkzeuge Gmbh” produces diamond tools, parts thereof or use-ready tools by the means of sintering. A necessary part of the process is to place preformed blocks containing cobalt manually between graphite tiles. Even though the results of the concentration of cobalt and dust are below the maximum allowed concentration, the physical examination of the employees showed significantly increased values of cobalt in the urine (limit of 10µg/l for cobalt).

Employers and employees worked together to determine organizational measurements after all technical measurements were exploited.

Pic 1: Cleaned workplace

This included:

  • Several times daily changing of gloves
  • Several times daily changing of forearm-gauntlets
  • One-use towels instead of air hand dryers
  • Cleaning of the workplace after every loading process
  • Thoroughly cleaning of the hands before every break
  • Drinking and smoking only in separate rooms


The results of the measurements can be easily seen in the clearly better results of the physical examination of the employees.

Often a big improvement can be done with little steps and teamwork!

Pic 2: Working with gloves and forearm tulips


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