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ChemSec, the International Chemical Secretariat, is a non-profit organization dedicated to work towards a toxic free environment. ChemSec strives to bridge the gap between decision-makers, industry, NGOs and scientists.

Setting and problem

Since the 1940’s, the rates of diseases and health problems, including cancer related health problems at the workplace have increased significantly. As research gathers pace, evidence is mounting that daily exposure to hazardous chemicals could be playing a significant role in the onset of health problems. Although the precise nature of these effects is not yet clear, the overall implications for health indicate that it is very important that exposure to potentially harmful substances is limited as much as possible.


ChemSec offers expertise and guidance on chemical management policies in order to get progressive chemical legislation. They also work together with companies to reduce their use of hazardous chemicals and to get their support for progressive chemicals legislation.

ChemSec is made up of a unique, highly dedicated team of chemists, political scientists, business experts and communicators. All their work aims to speed up the transition to a world free of hazardous chemicals. ChemSec’s work can be divided into three parts; policy, business & investors and tools.

Policy – ChemSec is an accredited stakeholder within a number of policy institutions, committees and initiatives. They use their knowledge and position to influence and improve the way chemical legislations are implemented in practice.

Business & investors – ChemSec engages in the corporate debate on how to move away from hazardous substances. The ChemSec Business Group for example, is a collaboration among companies working together to inspire concrete progress on toxic use reduction. It gathers market-leading companies across a diversity of sectors, for the development of effective corporate practice in the substitution of hazardous substances. It also raises public awareness of companies’ efforts to be drivers on this issue.

Tools – ChemSec offers different tools for (the reducing of) hazardous substances.


ChemSec strives to enhance collaboration and open dialogue between all stakeholders interested in phasing out hazardous chemicals. They are always looking to achieve effective solutions and concrete, sustainable results.

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