Substitution of dangerous substances

You would like to substitute dangerous substances in your company? How to know about the impact and what aspects require attention?

Find out more in the whitepaper about this subject, published by Toxic.

The whitepaper is currently available in Dutch only.


U wilt graag uw gevaarlijke stoffen vervangen? Maar wat is de impact op het proces en waar moet u verder op letten?

De whitepaper hierover ‘VERVANGINGSBELEID GEVAARLIJKE STOFFEN’ kunt u bij Toxic gratis downloaden na het invullen van enkele gegevens. 

Further information

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Siegfried de Ruiter
The Netherlands
Sector / branche
  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Manufacturing
  • Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
  • Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
  • Construction
  • Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • Human health and social work activities
Solution types
  • 1. S – Substitution