URSA Chemie GmbH: handling chromic acid drums without contact

On 10 November 2020, the winners of the 13th German Hazardous Substance Protection Award (Deutscher Gefahrstoffschutzpreis) were announced in Dortmund, Germany. URSA Chemie GmbH was one of the winners for their technical solutions for the safe handling of carcinogenic substances.

URSA Chemie GmbH from Montabaur developed a system with which chromic acid drums can be opened, emptied and cleaned without contact. To do this, the barrels are opened in a glove box, the solid chromic acid is sucked out of the barrels directly into the production kettle with the help of a vacuum suction lance, the emptied keg is cleaned and finally made available to the operator for removal. This safely prevents carcinogenic solid chromic acid from being inhaled or coming into contact with the skin. In addition, it cannot be carried to other production areas.

In this video, Rainer Bloedhorn-Dausner introduces the company and their work.


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