The RIONED Foundation Instructions for Working Safely with Asbestos-Containing Joint Sealants in Sewers

About the RIONED Foundation

The RIONED Foundation, established on June 17, 1986, serves as the primary Dutch trade association encompassing all stakeholders engaged in the management of public sewerage and urban water systems. It functions as the overarching body for urban water management and sewerage operations in the Netherlands. Its responsibilities encompass disseminating expertise to professionals through research endeavors, consolidating existing knowledge, and facilitating communication and collaboration among industry experts. Additionally, the foundation plays a pivotal role in identifying and addressing challenges encountered by sewerage managers in their day-to-day operations, advocating for necessary actions to relevant policymakers and administrators.

RIONED Foundation’s Guidelines for Safe Asbestos Removal in Sewers

The RIONED Foundation has drawn up work instructions for the safe removal of sewer elements with asbestos-containing joint sealant.

Sewers constructed between 1945 and 1993 may contain asbestos-containing joint sealant. Sewers constructed in the 1950s and 1960s are particularly suspect.

As part of the instructions, The RIONED Foundation have completed a flow-diagram to explore which parts of the sewer system you can expect to use asbestos-containing joint sealant. For now, the diagram is only available in Dutch.


These work instructions have been approved by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

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