The HotSpot Scan (HSS) tool for Product Life Cycle Estimations

Estimating the emissions of and exposure to hazardous substances over the life cycle of a product can be a tedious and difficult task. Nevertheless, it is an imperative task for the REACH registration and authorization of a substance or product. The HotSpot Scan tool greatly eases this process and provides the user with data across several sources.

Product life cycle and release estimations

The HotSpotScan (HSS) tool helps the user build a product’s life cycle with different phases such as substance production, formulation, use, service life, and end-of-life. By answering some basic questions on the substance and process properties, the user is presented with the relevant environmental and indoor air release estimations provided by (i) EUSES (European Union System for the Evaluation of Substances, the tool for estimating emissions in REACH dossiers), (ii) (specific) environmental release categories as provided by ECHA and industries (iii) investigative research publications. The user can also choose to overrule these estimations and provide their own values, if needed.

Broad range of application industry categories

HSS tool can be used for a broad range of applications. The tool covers several industry categories, including Adhesives and Sealants, Construction Chemicals, Electrical/Electronic Industry, Solvents and more. After selecting one of these categories, one can build an entire product’s life cycle, phase by phase.

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Tom Ligthart
The Netherlands
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