Romanian Labour Inspection initiative to support workers and employers

During the years 2018 – 2021, the Romanian Labour Inspection carried out control actions to check how the occupational health and safety requirements regarding the use of dangerous chemical substances at workplaces are respected. These actions touched on the issue of carcinogenic and mutagenic agents.

At the end of 2022, the Romanian Labour Inspection conducted a awareness and control action aimed at how to comply with the minimum safety and health requirements at work to ensure the protection of workers against the risks related to exposure to carcinogenic or mutagenic agents at the workplace.

During the information sessions for employers, 58 trainings or round tables were organized, in which 966 participants were registered. In the inspections, about 85 labour inspectors visited 206 enterprises, amounting to more than 7600 workers exposed to carcinogens. The Labour Inspection action has enjoyed wide coverage in the media, both in the central and in the local press.

Also, the Romanian Labour Inspection supported National Institute of Public Health for obtaining data on dangerous chemical carcinogens and mutagens, in order to achieve the national surveillance system of workers’ exposure to carcinogenic agents.


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Labour Inspection - Romania
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