Non-CMR based lubricants – INTERFLON

Introduction and problem setting

Every year at least 100.000 people die due to exposure to carcinogens. Legislation forces companies to substitute CMR-products, and often companies know which substances and/or processes have to be substituted and/or adjusted. Interflon is the fabricator of non-CMR-containing lubricants, and is known worldwide.


Since 1991 Interflon has been fabricating lubricants, degreasers, detergents and coatings without CMR-registration. This stems from the desire to create a safer work environment and from the vision that the use of CRM-substances will eventually be outdated. In fact, 99% of the substances and products made by Interflon are CMR-registration-free. Interflon provides safe non-carcinogenic products, as well as taking the consulting role on the application of these products, on for instance the adjustment of machines.


Already over 135.000 customers in 52 countries have chosen to upgrade to Interflon lubricants! By choosing Interflon lubricants, the have created a safer work environment for their employees. With their products they also act on reducing the maintenance costs and energy consumption of machines that need petrochemical lubricants.

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