Minimizing formaldehyde exposure through substitution of resins

Ursa Slovenija d.o.o. manufactures insulation products using mineral glass wool and has 120 workers employed. The production of mineral glass wool is a process that requires the preparation of a mixture of quartz sand and recycled waste glass. In the production process, binders and various additives are introduced to the mixture, among which the carcinogenic substance formaldehyde. In response to the classification of formaldehyde as a carcinogenic substance,

Ursa Slovenija d.o.o. aims to reduce exposure of the workers and the environment by

a) examining all the existing legislation and requirements relating to the new classification of formaldehyde, to check what new or additional measures would need to be implemented as a result
b) special health surveillance of the workers by the authorized practitioner of occupational medicine for the
c) new measurements of the level of formaldehyde
d) using signage on all places where formaldehyde was detected
e) special consultation and training on the hazards posed by working with formaldehyde for all workers who might be in contact with the substance
f) adequate personal protective equipment for the workers involved (gloves and respiratory and eye protection).

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work published a case study on minimizing formaldehyde exposure through substitution of resins. Please follow this link for more information.

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