Glass-pack filter as alternative to sand and zeolite filters for water treatment

Filter packs made from crushed recycled glass can replace filters made of crystalline silica containing materials such as sand or zeolites. The producer recommends the filter for swimming pools, but also for industrial applications. Beside the health issues, the glass filter has other advantages, compared to sand and zeolites, as stated by the producer:

  • It consumes less backwash water
  • Particle size removal is similar to that of zeolites ( 2-5 microns) and better than for sand ( 50-100 microns)
  • Is less likely to block or channel
  • It lasts longer
  • It provides better turbidity removal
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ECOsmarte and GlassPack Filter
  • Silica and quartz dust
Sector / branche
  • Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
  • Construction
Solution types
  • 1. S – Substitution