Dustfree construction sites are possible

Dust in the workplace is often viewed as a painful reality, whether it is the dust in the office, the dust in the quarry, in agriculture or at construction sites. Especially on construction sites many different and very dangerous dusts occur. Diseases caused by dust from asbestos, wood and quartz dust are testament to these dangers and the high exposure on construction sites. However, there are cost-effective techniques that can be used to perform with low dust, even dust-free.

In this article Reinhold Rühl describes different types of dust on construction sites, including information on limit values and practical solutions.

Further information

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Reinhold Rühl
retired, formerly head of the hazardous materials department at BG BAU
  • Dust
  • Silica and quartz dust
  • Asbestos removal workers
  • Construction workers
  • Metal workers
Sector / branche
  • Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
  • Construction
Solution types
  • 1. S – Substitution
  • 2. T – Technical measurements
  • 4. P – Personal protection