Closed Loop Chemical Handling

The use of a closed loop system for transferring chemical liquids from IBCs, drums, down to 25l to reactors or iso-tank and vice versa as per the EU directive 89/391EEC and the latest EU CMD 2004 (Article 5(2) and Article 5(3) of the Directive) is a fundamental to comprehensively protect the operator and the environment.

Under the general requirements of Directive 2004/37/EC, employers are obliged to ensure the substitution of the substance when technically possible, the use of closed systems, or the reduction of exposure to as low as technically possible.

The quick connect valve and coupler system ensures completely closed transfer of chemicals and vapour handling from the initial filling at the plant, through the storage and distribution cycle up to final dispense at the customer’s facilities without loss of chemical liquids (hazardous or valuable) or escape of vapours remaining within EU stipulated thresholds.

Moreover, the use of a closed loop system helps to assure a very sustainable Circular Economy as per “EU DIRECTIVE (EU) 2018/852 amending Directive 94/62/EC on packaging/packaging waste (May 2018) and UN SDGs (reducing the amount of raw material, water, pollution, etc.)

The video below shows the use of the closed loop system at Vinyl Kft. for safely handling chemicals to protect the operator and the environment.

The kegs showed in the video are filled, distributed to the end user, and returned to Vinyl Kft. to be refilled and repeat these steps (website of Vinyl Kft).

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Giuseppe Fiorello CChem, MRSC
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