Brilliant ideas’ pole drilling and filling system

Setting and problem

Marking, drilling and filling holes in ceilings causes many occupational safety hazards for construction workers. It causes a repetitive strain on the operatives’ arms and shoulders, it causes an exposure to noise and it requires working at height. Furthermore, it exposes the operatives to respirable silica dust which is known to be carcinogenic.


Brilliant ideas has developed a pole drilling and filling system which allows the hole to be marked, drilled, raw plugged and filled from floor level. The system comprises a foot pedal on a lightweight extendable pole to which different accessories can be attached and it has a built in wet/dry hover system to suck away any dust at the drill source.


The use of the pole drilling system:

Eliminates the need to work at height;

Reduces the operative’s exposure to HAVS and noise;

Reduces the operative’s exposure to dust, especially respirable silica dust. This means a huge health benefit for the operatives’

Removes the repetitive strain on the operative’s arms and shoulders.

Further information

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