Batteryspray – a new method for asbestos removal

We all know the image of asbestos removers, completely packed in white overalls and with masks. Due to the method developed by Batteryspray, it is no longer needed to use personal protection. Batteryspray developed a new working method to remove asbestos packings that keeps exposure to hazardous substances during the activities below the legal exposure limit values.


In the past, many asbestos packings have been applied in the petrochemistry. Because of the potential release of hazardous fibres, the removal of asbestos packings requires a lot of preparation and use of personal protection. This was the reason to search for new techniques and substitution to minimize the risk of exposure.

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Batteryspray developed a liquid, gear and a removal method that reduces the risks of fibre release to a minimum. This method for removal was tested and measured in various validation studies, showing that the number of fibres released with this method stays under the legal exposure value limits. The method has been included in SMA-rt: asbestos packings can be removed in risk class 1 when using the Batteryspray method (previously, this was risk class 2).


  • Proven reduction of exposure to hazardous substances.
  • When using the Batteryspray method, the asbestos packings can be removed without personal protection. Also, downtimes are considerably reduced.

Based on a big petrochemical company, where one flange gasket per day is being removed, the use of the Batteryspray method implies a cost reduction (direct costs) of at least €600.000 per year.


Batteryspray Validation Studies13 – this document includes a full description for our validated asbestos solutions.

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Edwin Buijsman
Batteryspray / Spits Engineering
the Netherlands
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