Asbestos Validation and Innovation Point (VIP): Independent validation of safe work procedures for the removal of asbestos

The Asbestos Validation and Innovation Point (VIP) is an independent body that advises the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment whether a method in the field of asbestos removal can be considered nationally validated (i.e. considered as a safe working procedure) in The Netherlands. This may involve new working methods, techniques, equipment or machines. The VIP also assesses existing methods that have not yet been validated for national use. The VIP has the task of carefully and smoothly assessing these innovative methods, so that they can quickly enter the market and it pays to innovate. The VIP provides advice independently: it assesses requests independently of interests in a particular innovation or in the process of asbestos inventory, removal or final assessment. The VIP’s working method is transparent, and their advice is open to the public.



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Asbestos Validation and Innovation Point
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