Report Expert Seminar on Challenge 4.2: Strategies to Reduce Exposure to Process Generated Carcinogens

On Tuesday the 23rd of November 2021, around 50 experts and stakeholders affiliated with carcinogens gathered for an interactive online expert seminar on process-generated carcinogens (PGCs). The goal of the seminar was to bring stakeholders together to contribute to a way forward in regard to process-generated carcinogens in Europe. An additional goal was to explore how to accelerate tackling exposure to process-generated carcinogens. 

Strategy, drivers and barriers

In the breakout sessions, implementation and control strategies, drivers and barriers to implementation, and stakeholder actions were discussed. Some trends were observed as well, such as how conservative culture can limit the potential to reduce exposure to PGCs. Moreover, a broad list of actions were mentioned throughout the different sessions, for many different stakeholder groups.


This expert seminar in the context of the Roadmap of Carcinogens provided the opportunity to bring stakeholders together to explore how to accelerate reducing exposure to PGC’s. The actions identified during this workshop need to be made more specific. This next seminar in 2022 should result in a detailed action plan, including a timeline presenting when the action will take place and who will perform which tasks to reduce exposure to PGCs in European countries. 

This report gives an overview of the discussions, stakeholder actions and conclusions with further steps.

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