Occupational cancer in the workplace? Use this guide!

What is cancer? Why is cancer different? Where are carcinogens? And how to use control measures? Carcinogenic substances in the workplace can be a tricky thing. The best solution in one workplace could be different in another.  Luckily, the Trade Union Councils from the UK developed a guide on cancer and carcinogens in the workplace, and how to deal with them.

More than 200 different kinds of cancer exist which affect different body parts. Although the development of some cancers is hard to trace, some cancers are a result of exposure to (a) carcinogen(s) in the workplace, and as such, preventable. Don’t wait any longer and download this valuable guide at: https://roadmaponcarcinogens.eu/solutions/good-practices/health-and-safety/

The guide to occupational cancer in the workplace is just one of the solutions at the roadmap on carcinogens website which can help you in your work. Interested? Do check out other solutions at: https://roadmaponcarcinogens.eu/solutions/good-practices/

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