New measures against carcinogens are coming up!

Europe hasĀ been busy developing and discussing the appropriate measures for carcinogen exposure for some time. Last year, the first batch of proposals for measures against carcinogens was realized. Early in 2017, the second batch is being released with the potential release of a third batch of measures later on. The current EU strategy is to increase the number of exposure limits to prevent occupational cancers, heart disease, asthma, allergies and other illnesses in workers and retirees. In 2016, EU Commissioner Thyssen promised to propose 25 Binding Occupational Exposure Limits (BOELS), and to have reached 50 BOELS in 2020.

This proves that the topic is alive and kicking in Europe. Still, some say the process could be speeded up, as important carcinogens are still not included in the proposals, such as diesel fumes (3 million workers exposed annually). In line with the current efforts displayed, the EU will publish practical guidance for employers.

Part of the aim of this roadmap is to support companies to adhere to these new measures. We accomplish this by providing and sharing information, and by stimulating others to share their good practices with regard to carcinogen prevention, limitation and occupational safety. So take a good look at the good practices, solutions and events shared at the Roadmap on carcinogens, and share your own!

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