Just in: basic rules for carcinogen exposure!

The Roadmap on carcinogens has drafted a few essential rules that apply whenever carcinogenic substances are used in any workplace. Let’s give you a heads up of the most important rules to live (and work!) by:

For workers:

  • Make sure to wash yourself after working with chemicals and carcinogens, pay special attention to hands and face, and shower after work.
  • Also, do not eat drink or smoke before you’ve washed your hands after work or during a break. And leave your work clothes at work, to prevent taking chemicals to your home.

For employers:

  • Make sure the workplace is tidy and clean, that there are wash-up facilities for employees, and provide the right type of ventilation for your product and environment.
  • Explore if there are alternatives to using carcinogenic substances, and how secure and limited carcinogenic processes are in your company.
  • Provide the right type of equipment, professional clothing, and make sure your personnel is trained to follow procedures regarding carcinogen handling.
  • Keep an eye on your employees and whether or not their health can be comprised.
  • Be particularly aware of vulnerable employees, e.g., workers with other conditions, or pregnant women, and workers with different tasks who might still be exposed such as cleaning personnel.
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