Friends of the roadmap

Take a look who is supporting the roadmap and how this group of friends is expanding from day to day. A joint effort wil strenghten prevention in Europe’s workplaces. The more friends that support us in this mission, the stronger our signal in Europe to eliminate carcinogens. Join in and get active!

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Nuenen, The Netherlands

Tritium Advies

Lunderskov, Denmark

Morten Vaaben Refsgaard

Heeze, The Netherlands

METIS Milieu Advies

Aabenraa, Denmark

Meldgaard greenline A/S

Varna, Bulgaria

Teodora Dimitrova

Vinon sur Verdon, France

Beryllium Solutions International, LLC

Brussels, Belgium

European Biosafety Network

Odivelas, Portugal

Helena Krippahl

Bratislava, Slovakia

Peter Rampasek

Miskolc, Hungary

Adrienn Nagy

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