Friends of the roadmap

Take a look who is supporting the roadmap and how this group of friends is expanding from day to day. A joint effort wil strenghten prevention in Europe’s workplaces. The more friends that support us in this mission, the stronger our signal in Europe to eliminate carcinogens. Join in and get active!

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Clonmel, Ireland

Nigel Hickey

Zagreb, Croatia

Žanna Šostak

Cologne, Germany

Leon Heidelbach

Bogotá, -- Other

Milena Manrique

Port Louis, -- Other

Nidhi Ramlogun

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Lucia Afonso

Klang, -- Other

Rajesh Jackson

Guaratingueta, -- Other

Tiago Neppe

Dortmund, Germany

Melanie Berghaus

Barcelona, Spain


Rocourt, Belgium

Patrizia Cecconi

Edinburgh, United Kingdom (UK)

Damien McElvenny

Dudelange, Luxembourg

Radu – Corneliu Duca

Ovar, Portugal

Catarina Santos

Lisbona, Portugal

Isabel Martins

Barakaldo, Spain

Mónica Vega

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

José Martins

Ingolstadt, Germany

Matthias Finell

Liège, Belgium

Form’action André Renard

Sant Marti de Llémena, Spain

Rudolf van der Haar

Prilep, Macedonia

Dejan Bojkoski

Portsmouth, RI, -- Other

Timothy Sheehan

Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish Work Environment Authority

Aprilia, Italy

Intervet Productions srl

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