Friends of the roadmap

Take a look who is supporting the roadmap and how this group of friends is expanding from day to day. A joint effort wil strenghten prevention in Europe’s workplaces. The more friends that support us in this mission, the stronger our signal in Europe to eliminate carcinogens. Join in and get active!

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Oslo, Norway

Marcin Wojewodzic

Arnsberg, Germany

Kaiser Söhne Mineraöle GmbH &Co. KG

Bristol, United Kingdom (UK)

Rosa Richards

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands

Mairi Bowdler

Pabianice, Poland

Ewelina Janicka

Barcelona, Spain


Elda, Spain

rafael brotons

Timisoara, Romania

Mihaela Sireanu

Rotherham, United Kingdom (UK)

Kevin Angell

Fredrikstad, Norway

Kristel Gilberg

Enniskerry, Ireland

Qualair Limited

Castellón, Spain

Isabel Mallol

cluj-napoca, Romania

crina petrescu

Timisoara, Romania

Florina Popescu

Cagliari, Italy


Ploiesti, Romania


Buzau, Romania

Andreea Daniela Meleru

Bucuresti, Romania

Sofia Constanta Dumitrescu

Bucharest, Romania

Cristina Silion

Lund, Sweden

Karin Broberg

Berlin, Germany

Angelica Cardozo

Hrastnik, Slovenia

SINET d.o.o.

Gent, Belgium

van Hoorebeke Timber nv

Edinburgh, United Kingdom (UK)


Ravenna, Italy

Massimo Plavsic

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