Friends of the roadmap

Take a look who is supporting the roadmap and how this group of friends is expanding from day to day. A joint effort wil strenghten prevention in Europe’s workplaces. The more friends that support us in this mission, the stronger our signal in Europe to eliminate carcinogens. Join in and get active!

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Mamer, Luxembourg

sarah kneib

Brescia, Italy


Navan, Ireland

Occupational Hygiene Society of Ireland

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Ana Duarte

Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

Hans Vercouteren

Helmond, The Netherlands

Bart Dollekens

London, United Kingdom (UK)

Gavriella Epstein-Lightman

London, United Kingdom (UK)

Multiplex Construction


Luca Convertini

Erfurt, Germany

Andy Langer

Velsen, The Netherlands

Mammoet B.V.

Cluj, Romania

Sandu Ana Maria

Doha, -- Other


Edinburgh, United Kingdom (UK)

Caroline Soppitt

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ruud J

Campus Drie Eiken, Belgium

Kris Kuypers

Trim, Ireland

Tubosun Fagbe

Oban, United Kingdom (UK)

Joanne McFarlane

VEENHUIZEN, The Netherlands

R. Koene

Bruxelles, Belgium

Manuela de Vaulx

Estoril, Portugal

Estela Goncalves Pereira

Bilbao, Spain

Roberto Corrales Román

adana, Turkey


Lisboa, Portugal

Manuel Marcelino Pena Costa

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