Dear friends of the roadmap, we have news for you!

One year ago the covenant on carcinogens has been signed as a symbolic start for the Roadmap Amsterdam – Vienna; leading us through Europe and even beyond. Many friendships have been formed, gave inspiration for activities in various countries and published the first good practices which help companies prevent exposure to carcinogens in the workplace. We invite you to read about some of the highlights in this newsletter. Enthousiastic? Don’t hesitate to help spread the word.


  • New friends are always welcome!

Our community of friends is growing steadily, with a recent pass beyond the threshold of 500 friends. Countries can also become friends, and we’re proud to state Finland has just recently been incorporated in the community, bringing the total of befriended countries to 12. By request we’ve added a ‘list view’ of all friends which can be filtered by country and/or by type of friend and added grouped figures to cluster friends located in proximity.

  • Events in over 15 European countries

We are on the road through Europe with at least 23 events passed and another 18 scheduled for the coming period. These are just some of the highlights:

  1. Today is the start of the Austrian inspection campaign on carcinogens. The Austrian government recognizes the importance of carcinogen awareness and exposure prevention. Therefore, they are conducting a large-scale sweep across 300 enterprises throughout the nation in 2017 and aim to include even more companies in 2018. Part of this campaign is to explore behavioral change regarding the handling of carcinogen substances, to answer questions and provide counselling on occupational safety.
  2. Another upcoming event is organized by ETUI (the research and training institute of the European Trade Union Confederation ETUC) in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 29th and 30th of June 2017. This annual get-together gathers some 30 trade unionists from across Europe, making it possible to link local trade union action to action at the European level. The focus of the event will be on the ETUC’s campaign to stop cancer at work and the ongoing revision of the European Carcinogens Directive.
  3. On the 11th of May a conference on substitution of carcinogens was organised in the Netherlands with over 150 representatives of companies. Suppliers and researchers assisted them in finding solutions to solve current issues by substitution. These will be added to the Roadmaps website in a couple of weeks. The Netherlands aims to roll out the roadmap and activate companies by actively supporting conferences and events, using the ‘STOP’-principle. The STOP strategy starts with the ‘S’ of Substitution. Substitution is the first step in the occupational health hygiene strategy, also when dealing with carcinogens in the workplace. Later this year an event covering the “T” (of technical measures) will be held, and in 2018 the “O” (organizational measures) and “P” (personal protective equipment) will be organized.

Interested to know what is happening near you? Have a look at the event page for an overview on upcoming events in your area.

  • Help others and share your good practices in 3 easy steps

Your solutions will inspire other businesses to act. Together we can make progress, so let us know yours by following these simple steps and give a European platform to your practice!
We’ve added basic rules which apply whenever carcinogenic substances are used in the workplace. It is being followed by a description of the STOP-strategy, making clear in what order to take measurements.

  • Downloads for you

Upon request we produced a poster and banner to be used at any event or activity. The poster is a graphical description of the roadmap on carcinogens as a whole. It is dynamic and will be updated over time.
The banner can be used to complement your events website, on invitations or in presentations. It brands your event as ‘a pit stop on our journey to tackle work-related cancer’.

You are invited to share any remarks, ideas and tips with us at


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