Conference proceedings Helsinki 2019

Working together to eliminate occupational cancer

Date: 27-28 November 2019

At this conference, the Roadmap Partners review the achievements since the start of the Roadmap in 2016 and look forward to further developments in legislation, activities and cooperation. A covenant has been signed to continue the Roadmap until 31 December 2020.


Conference speeches & slides November 27th:
Opening speech by the Finnish Minister Ms. Pekonen
Video message from the Dutch Secretary of State, Ms. Tamara van Ark
Ms. Charlotte Grevfors Ernoult, European Commission

Workshop 1
Marike Kolossa-Gehring
Tiina Santonen
Markku Pavela

Workshop 2
Elke Schneider
Darren Arkins
Linda Wouters
Jos de Lange

Workshop 3
Miriam Gutierrez Medina
Tony Musu
Isabel Maya Rubio
Tom O’Sullivan

Conference slides November 28th
Christa Sedlatschek
Bjorn Hansen
Gertrud Breindl
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Video & photo

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