Challenge 4.2 Process Generated Carcinogens finalised

Millions of workers in Europe are exposed to process generated carcinogens (PGCs). Despite the high number of exposed workers, relatively little attention has been paid to the issue. The aim of Challenge 4.2 of Roadmap on Carcinogens was to create more awareness on the health risks upon exposure to PGCs to reduce workers’ exposure and finally prevent PGC related cancer. 

To achieve the aims of Challenge 4.2, a brief literature search was carried out to collect information on exposure levels, occupations of risk and processes that lead to PGC release. Furthermore, PGC-specific elimination and control strategies were described in the general challenge report. Two factsheets were drafted on processes that generate carcinogens: abrasion and emission from combustion, and placed on the Roadmap website. Two interactive workshops were held with around 45 stakeholders. The first workshop was focused on (implementation of) elimination and control strategies. The second workshop was directed towards ‘awareness on the health risks of PGCs’ and ‘a safe company culture’. Also, the results of an Austrian inspection campaign on silica dust in the construction sector were presented.

To the results

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