Report on preparatory study Challenge 4.1: Bridging the gap

‘Bridging the Gap’ aims at bringing together work floor needs with innovators and researcher to better fit practical realities and at the same time sensitise innovators and researcher to how materials are used throughout the life cycle to promote their safe and sustainable design. To achieve these goals, health and safety as well as risk management experts need a very close connection and exchange with the science community. Strengthening a dialogue is of utmost importance in the next decade under Horizon Europe, including the Green Deal. Therefore, the milestones and activities of the challenge try to establish these connections. To help the Roadmap partners, the preparatory study was designed to lay the foundation and provide a solid starting point for the team executing challenge team. In parallel, the study was also designed to provide further background information for the base activities agreed on in the RoC2.0 strategy (like ‘Collaboration with and strengthen similar campaigns’, ‘Connect to research community to discuss common goals and activities’). A brief description of the study design can be found in the report and the results in form of one page documents summarizing EU activities, programs and initiatives relevant for prevention of occupational cancer can be accessed.

For details download the preparatory report here

Result of the preparatory study

The report was drafted to summarise the preparatory study and outline the possible ways forward for the project that aims at ‘Bridging the Gap between Science and Workfloor practice’. The resulting OnePagers are summarised below and clearly vary in their scope from framework program, campaigns and calls that yet have to result in a project.

Name of initiativeTime periodResponsible DG or Institution
1 Horizon 2020: RISKHUNT3R2021-2026DG RTD
2 Horizon 2020: HBM4EU2017-2022Umweltbundesamt
3 Horizon Europe Call: PARCLaunch 2022DG RTD
4 Horizon Europe Call: Indoor air quality and health2022-?DG RTD
5 Horizon Europe Call: Health impacts of climate change, costs and benefits of action and inaction2022-?DG RTD
6 Horizon Europe: BCP2021-2030DG RTD, DG SANTE
7 Horizon Europe: #MissionCancer2021-2030DG RTD, DG SANTE
8 European Green Deal: CSS2020-2024DG ENV, DG GROW
9 European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR)2017-2030DG EMPL
10 EPSR: EU OSH SF2021-2027DG EMPL
11 European Health Union: EU4Health2021-2027DG SANTE, HaDEA
13 No Time to Lose2014-dateIOSH
14 Awareness Raisingdifferentdifferent
15 Educationdifferentdifferent
16 Campaigningdifferentdifferent
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