In the EU 10.000 workers are estimated to be potentially exposed to cadmium and its compounds.

Workers may be exposed to cadmium from the smelting and refining of metals or from air in industrial plants that manufacture batteries, coatings, or plastics. Exposure to cadmium that may be dangerous may occur in jobs in which workers are exposed to cadmium dust or fumes, where they heat compounds or surfaces that contain cadmium, or where workers weld or cut with materials or solders that contain cadmium. The main exposure routes are through inhalation of dust and fumes, although there may be incidental ingestion of dust from contaminated hands. Cadmium and cadmium compounds are classified as Group 1 carcinogen by the IARC, meaning they are carcinogenic to humans. Cadmium and cadmium compounds cause cancer to the lungs, but associations with cancer of the kidney and the prostate have also been observed.

Solutions and good practices:

References: IARC, OSHA, NIEHS, EC, CDC

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