10 and 11 February 2020: EU Conference on the limit value system for carcinogens

The Dutch Social and Economic Council (SER) organizes the Conference “Working together on the future of the limit values system for carcinogens in Europe”. You are most welcome to join the conference on 10 and 11 February 2020 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Registration and program

To participate in the conference, please register here.
You can register until Friday January 17th.

Conference admission is free of charge.
For further information please see the program of the event.

About the conference

The conference will bring together a broad range of social partners, government representatives, experts and other stakeholders from EU and national levels to explore and discuss opportunities and strengths related to the limit values system for carcinogens in Europe.

More specifically, the conference will look at the different stages of OELs setting with the aim to strengthen the discussion that is now being held at European level on how to prioritise relevant carcinogens and the pros and cons of the so-called risk-based approach. The conference will also look at needs in relation to the methodologies applied and the organisation of the processes. 

The conference will offer insights into different stakeholder perspectives, as well as roundtable discussions on various aspects of this important topic. Your views on the subject are highly appreciated.

An important aim of this conference is to offer opportunities to exchange views and to foster debate among participants from all over Europe. Through your participation, you can help develop issues to be explored further, and to be fed into to the European policy debate.

Click here to read the invitation by the SER.

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